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Swincers in Australia

(1) Frederick William SCHEVINGER
Occupation: ship owner
Children: Raynolt

(2) 1.1a Raynolt SWINCER (aka SCHEVINGER)

Birth Date: 13 Mar 1834
Birth Place: Angermunde or Frankfurt, Prussia (now Germany)
Death Date: 19 Feb 1909Death Place: Eastwood, Adelaide, South Australia
Burial Date: 20 Feb 1909
Occupation: able bodied seaman, mate, gardener at Montacute, Adelaide.
Education: until the age of 14 years

Notes: cousin of Christian THEEL and ?ACKLAND. These three cousins went to sea. Raynolt was 18. Shipwrecked, they spent months on Madagascar, helped ashore by local Africans.

When first married, Raynolt  Swincer lived at Finnis Point, near Tarlee from 1863. In 1874-76 he established a market garden near Fifth Creek (now Montacute), South Australia. By April 1876 they had moved to the Yorke Peninsular from port of Stansbury with their animals and belongings, and went to highest hill at Fletchers, 627 acres 4.5 miles from Minlaton.

He and his first wife Elizabeth Hayward, had 10 children. He married twice more after his first wife died in 1894. Raynolt was a deacon in the Methodist Church and later a member of the Baptist Church. The family sang in the church choir, and helped with Sunday School and other church affairs.

Spouse: Elizabeth HAYWARD

Birth Date: 15 Nov 1841
Birth Place: Southwick, Wiltshire, England
Death Date: 18 Dec 1894, Yorketown, South Australia
Spouse Father: James HAYWARD (1808-1887)
Spouse Mother: Ann ROGERS (1808-1891)
Marriage Date: 27 Mar 1862

Marriage Place: St George Church, Woodforde, Adelaide
Amelia Augusta
Arthur Edwin
Carol Ann
Frederick William
Francis Ernest
Gilbert Henry (Harry)
Raynoldt Charles

Other Spouses: Louisa BAKER, Charlotte Ann THOMPSON

(3) 1.1a.1 Albert SWINCER

Birth Date: 15 Apr 1872, "on the Gilbert", near Navan, South Australia
Death Date: 21 Feb 1950, Hyde Park, Adelaide, South Australia
Spouse: Edith Esther BERRY
Birth Date: About 1890
Death Date: 19 Aug 1967, Kingswood, South Australia
Spouse Father: Charles BERRY
Spouse Notes: Living at Hyde Park at time of death

Marriage Date: 17 Sep 1907, St Luke Church, Adelaide, South Australia

Elsie Thelma
Albert Thurston
Frank Norman Charles
Stanley Raynolt
Harold Edmund
Donald Mervyn

(4) 1.1a.1.1 Elsie Thelma SWINCER
Born: 1 Jul 1908, Adelaide, South Australia

(4) 1.1a.1.2 Albert Thurston SWINCER
Born: 15 Jul 1909, Adelaide, South Australia
Notes: Served ub WW2 in Australia Army.

(4) 1.1a.1.3 Frank Norman Charles SWINCER
Born: 4 May 1911, Parkside, Adelaide, South Australia
Notes: Served in Australian Army, WW2. Joined up in Tennant Creek, NT S114483
Spouse: Enid Rose TREASURE
Birth Date: 17 Aug 1912, Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia
Death: about 1999, buried Cowell, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
Spouse Father: John Robert TREASURE
Spouse Notes: Her family at
Marriage Date: 21 Sep 1935, Baptist Church, Goodwood, Adelaide, South Australia

(4) 1.1a.1.4 Stanley Raynolt SWINCER
Born: 11 Jun 1912, Lower Mitcham, South Australia
Notes: Served in WW2 RAAF 407564
Children: Stephen

(4) 1.1a.1.5 Harold Edmund SWINCER
Born: 27 Aug 1916, Adelaide, South Australia
Notes: Served in WW2 Australian Amry, S74427. Joined up Pinnaroo.
Spouse: F

(4) 1.1a.1.6 Donald Mervyn SWINCER
Born: 25 Jun 1918, Adelaide, South Australia

(3) 1.1a.2 Amelia Augusta SWINCER
Born: 15 Jan 1878, Minlacowie, South Australia
Death Date: ? Jun 1956
Spouse: Walter BENNETT
Birth Date: About 1878
Spouse Father: Joseph BENNETT

Marriage Date: 12 Aug 1909, Baptist Church, Minlaton, South Australia

(3) 1.1a.3 Arthur Edwin SWINCER
Born: 11 Apr 1880, Minlacowie, South Australia
Death Date: 30 Apr 1840, Victor Harbour, SA
Burial Date: 1840, SA
Notes: sold his half of his parents' farm at Minlaton and went to Tarlee, north of Kapunda, north of Adelaide.

Spouse: Mary La Vence GEATER
Birth Date: 23 Oct 1878, Edithburgh, South Australia
Death Date: 27 Aug 1965 aged 86y, Naracoorte, South Australia
Occupation: nurse at Minlaton Hospital
Spouse Father: Thomas Daniel GEATER (1841-)
Spouse Mother: Catherine Susan MORGAN

Marriage Date: 31 Aug 1909, Congregational Church, Tiparra, South Australia
Roger Gilbert
Mona Hayward
Maxwell Arthur D
Douglas William

(4) 1.1a.3.1 Roger Gilbert SWINCER
Born: 13 Feb 1919, Minlaton, South Australia
Living male
Living female

(4) 1.1a.3.2 Mona Hayward SWINCER
Born 6 Aug 1911, Minlaton, South Australia

(4) 1.1a.3.3 Maxwell Arthur SWINCER
Born: 14 Feb 1913, Minlaton, South Australia
Notes: Served in RAAF and Army volunteer service WW2

(4) 1.1a.3.4 Douglas William SWINCER
Born: 21 Aug 1914, Minlaton, South Australia
Notes: Served in Australian Army WW2.

(3) 1.1a.4 Carol Ann SWINCER
Born: 21 Mar 1874, Fifth Creek/ Minlacowie, South Australia
Spouse: John Alfred SHORT born: about 1871

Marriage Date: 2 Feb 1899
Marriage Place: Residence of Raynolt Swincer, Minlacowie, South Australia

(3) 1.1a.5 Frederick William SWINCER
Born: 25 Jan 1870, "on the Gilbert," near Navan, South Australia

Death Date: 8 Aug 1913, Adelaide, SA. Burial Date: 10 Aug 1913

(3) 1.1a.6 Francis Ernest SWINCER
Born: 16 Apr 1883, Minlacowie, Minlaton, South Australia
Death Date: 22 Apr 1959, North Adelaide, South Australia
Notes: Living at Fullarton at time of his death
Spouse: Nelly SHAKESHAFT
Birth Date: About 1885
Death Date: 22 Jan 1951, North Adelaide, South Australia
Spouse Father: William SHAKESHAFT
Spouse Notes: Living at Minlaton at time of death.

Marriage Date: 18 Sep 1912, Holy Trinity, Adelaide, South Australia
Frank Hayward
Hazel Annie
Phyllis Joan
Dorothy Nell

(4) 1.1a.6.1 Frank Hayward SWINCER
Born : 17 Jun 1915, Minlaton, South Australia
Notes: Served in RAAF WW2, joined up in Adelaide. 417285

(4) 1.1a.6.2 Hazel Annie SWINCER
Born: 23 Aug 1913, Minlaton, South Australia

(4) 1.1a.6.3 Phyllis Joan SWINCER
Born: 30 Jul 1918, Minlaton, South Australia

(4) 1.1a.6.4 Dorothy Nell SWINCER
Born: 2 Jun 1926, Minlaton, South Australia

(3) 1.1a.7 Gilbert Henry (Harry) SWINCER
Born: 7 May 1867, "on the Gilbert" near Navan, South Auustralia
 Gilbert Henry (Harry) Swincer (R) with his prospecting mate, Norman Sligo (L) at Coolgardie, Western Australian Goldfields, 1894. From Mates and Gold
Death Date: 13 May 1920, Hampton Plains, 6 miles east of Woolubar Dam.

Notes: Gilbert Harry Swincer was the eldest son of Raynolt Swincer and Elizabeth Hayward.He prospected from Coolgardie and in the Murchison in Western Australia (WA). He left for WA from South Australia about 1890. He travelled in the Rawlinson Ranges. Two creeks in WA are named after him (Laverton Sheet, Rason sheet).
Swincer Range ( 27 21 32 S 123 94 14 E) (aka Gregory Range)
Swincer Well on Erlistoun Station
Swincer Mine

(3) 1.1a.8 Wallis/Wallace/Walter Raynoldt SWINCER
Born: 20 Feb 1876, Fifth Creek, South Australia
Death Date: ? 17 Mar
Spouse: Elizabeth
Birth Date: About 1878
Death Date: 25 Aug 1972, Fullarton, Adelaide, South Australia; aged 94 years

(3) 1.1a.9 Charles SWINCER
Born: 15 Feb 1863, Finnis Point, South Australia
Death Date: 21 May 1931, aged 68y, Happy Valley, South Australia
Spouse: Miriam Watson COTTON
Birth Date: About 1866
Death Date: 23 Sep 1859
Death Place: Lower Mitcham, South Australia; aged 93 y
Spouse Father: William COTTON
Marriage Date: 27 Mar 1888, Residence if R Swincer, Minlacowie, South Australia

Irene Amelia
Raynolt Charles William
Silvia Alvillda

(4) 1.1a.9.1 Irene Amelia SWINCER
Born: 17 Jun 1888, Minlaton, South Australia
Spouse: Walter TRAVERS
Birth Date: About 1884
Marriage Date: 5 May 1909, Methodist Church, Minlaton, South Australia

(4) 1.1a.9.2 Raynolt Charles William SWINCERBorn: 30 Jun 1891, Minlacowie, South Australia
Death Date: 17 Jan 1967, Springbank, South Australia
Notes: Living at Linden Park at time of death
Spouse: Elsa Elvira SCHULZ
Birth Date: About 1895
Spouse Father: Johann Gottlob SCHULZ
Marriage Date: 3 Aug 1921, Church of the Resurrection, Loxton, South Australia
Children: Marcia Irene, Jack, Patty

(4) 1.1a.9.3 Silvia Alvillda SWINCER
Born: 14 Jan 1890, near Minlaton, South Australia
Spouse: Johannes Walter Pail STANITZKI
Birth Date: About 1890
Marriage Date: 12 Nov 1924, Church of the Resurrection, Loxton, South Australia

(3) 1.1a.10 Elizabeth SWINCER
Born: 9 Apr 1865, Finnis Point, South Australia
Spouse: Charles BRUNDELL
Birth Date: About 1851
Spouse Father: George BRUNDELL
Marriage Date: 4 Nov 1903, Baptist Church, Minlaton, South Australia

(2) 1.1b Raynolt SWINCER (aka SCHEVINGER) (See above)
Second Spouse: Louisa SWEETSER (nee BAKER)
Date: 1857
Death Date: 25 Mar 1906, Unley Road, Eastwood, Adelaide, SA
Burial Date: 26 Mar 1906
Spouse Father: Job BAKER
Marriage Date: 3 Mar 1896, Residence of Mrs Baker, Mitcham, Adelaide, SA
Children: Ella Victoria
Other Spouses: Elizabeth HAYWARD Charlotte Ann THOMPSON

(3) 1.1b.1 Ella Victoria SWINCER
Born: 2 Oct 1897,
Birth Place: Minlaton, South Australia
Death Date: 12 Jun 1913
Death Place: Eastwood, Adelaide, SA, aged 16

(2) 1.1c Raynolt SWINCER (aka SCHEVINGER)
(See above)

Spouse: Charlotte Ann THOMPSON
Birth Date: 1850
Death Date: 29 Nov 1922
Death Place: aged 72y, North Adelaide, SA
Spouse Father: William THOMPSON
Marriage Date: 4 Dec 1907
Marriage Place: Res of R Swincer, Eastwood, Norwood District, Adelaide
Other Spouses Elizabeth HAYWARD Louisa BAKER